5 Tips for a Comprehensive Moving Checklist

moving checklist photo

Having a moving checklist is essential when you are planning to relocate your home or office. The list quickly becomes your lifeline for the move. When planning for the relocation, you wend to vet and hire the right moving company, and this should be one of the things to include in your list of things to do when thinking of moving home or office. It will help ensure you cover and handle everything related to the relocation and ensure things go smoothly.

Although you can get a list of what you need to do and to use from a removal services agency, it is wise to create your checklist for the move. But if you are not sure of the order of what you need to do, below are tips on how to come up with a comprehensive moving checklist.

Tip 1: Create A Timeline For Your Move

Having to move at short notice may be uncommon but not improbable, and even then, you still need to come up with a strategy for the relocation within the limited time available. But the typical approach for moving home or office is one where you plan. That means you will have taken into consideration the reasons for the move so that you create a timeline for when you need to be at your new place.

Planning the move will help you get organized and focused so that you have your priorities sorted in a list. Allocate the move enough time, preferably more than a month. You will use that time to figure out what needs to get done in areas such as sorting and packing your stuff and finding the right moving company. Most time consuming of all will be to search for movers as you need to hire a relocation company that is both professional as well as affordable.

Tip 2: List What You Need To Do

As you put your thoughts together regarding the move, you also need to list everything you will need to do so that you can come up with an orderly way of handling them. List everything, including sorting and packing your belonging as well as searching and vetting the removal services providers.

You also need to include contacting your utility services providers as well as the credit card company to inform them about the move and to give them your new address. Also, add plans to have your mail forwarded to the new address.

Tip 3: Get All Paperwork Sorted

You need to find out about all the documents that you need to handle. Know what paperwork you need to do and send and start making arranges for how these documents will be made ready. Allot a timeline for them so that you know when the need to be prepared and sent. For instance, it may be that you need a work permit for the new county you are moving to; that means you need to apply for this permit early so that you have enough time to receive it before the moving day.

Tip 4: List People You Need To Contact

It is prudent to tell your friends, family, and work colleagues about your move, even as you make plans to inform your different services providers. You need to have a list of these people to that you know who to contact first. And it does not necessarily have to be people; it can be associations you are a member of or clubs, gyms, financial institutions, associations, and even your creditors.

You will then check each one off the list as and when you inform them of your relocation plans. You can also ask some of the people you contact to come on the moving D-day to give you a helping hand if you are not hiring full services of home or office movers.

Tip 5: Start Sorting And Packing Early

The central aspect of any relocation is readying your belonging for the move. That is why is it wise to plan on packing early. You should schedule enough time for going over your stuff to figure what you will not need to take with you, what you will not need over the next few weeks and days leading up to the moving day, and what you will use over that period.

With such a plan in place, you will be able to pack items and not have to go up to unpack them before the move. Remember to sort things based on type, size, and how fragile they are, and label everything after packing and sealing.